Foil Lollipop Balloons - Pack of 5

Brand: Happium
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These foil balloons  have round (squashed sphere) shape and feature a swirling pattern of a lollipop, symmetrically on both sides of the balloon. The white sections of the pattern are matte, coloured sections are shiny metallic. 

These lollipop balloons will serve as a bright and fun decoration for any occasion and any party, both for kids and adults.

A pack contains 5 balloons of the following colours: yellow, blue, purple, red, green (1 balloon of each colour).

Size of these balloons is 18 inches in diameter (measured uninflated). Inflated balloons size may slightly vary and will be smaller than uninflated balloons as they round up. All balloons are self-sealing.

Foil balloons can be used with either air or helium.

Product specifications
Diameter (cm) 45
Diameter (inch) 18
Colour Multi
Shape Round (squashed sphere)
Quantity in a pack 5

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